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CICHLID-FULJER | Welcome to Cichlid-Fuljer


Welcome to Cichlid-Fuljer

Our family business is located in the small village of Petrovice (1312). The general coat of arms has the character of a bear and if you look for us you will certainly notice it and it is possible that you will also meet a bear 🙂

Petrovice malá dedinka pod veľkými kopcami.


And these are the members of our family business:

IMO Fuljer – I will try to help you and together we will choose from 250 species the best composition of African cichlids for your aquarium.

A tento fešák som ja IMO fuljer.

Cichlid fuljer

Karin Fuljerová – assembly of aquarium sets specializing in African cichlids. Boss.

Ondrej Pavlík – maintenance and service of aquariums for African cichlids.

Janka Snowball – makes coffee and feeds small fish.

KORO Oscár Dóra – Czechoslovakian wolfhound peaceful dog and guardian of the wild.


Confession of Imrich Fuljer:

“I started breeding African cichlids from the lakes of Tanganyika and Malawi, I actually started by mistake, the year was 1987. Basically I wanted to buy Cichlasoma nigrofasciatum. And” slightly “I made a mistake and brought it to my first 72 liter aquarium with a metal construction , parrot Pseudotropheus elongatus M6, I was 15. At that time, the fish were wiped out within 7 days and had a large parrot. spawn in my mouth, great !!! Africa in my head was driven by Africa Livingstone, Dr. Pigeon, Dogoni and their huts full of iconic masks, mysterious, mysterious and mysterious like a fish, which has fish in a parrot.

And that was actually the right start of breeding African cichlids, more precisely an explosion. It has taken on such proportions that today it owns three farms, with about 300 aquariums, with a water content of about 100,000 liters. Most of these beautiful, spirited fish from Tanganyika and Malawi passed through my hands.

Coincidence again helped me to “find” a wife who tolerated my hobby and even supported me in it. So we redistributed the tasks. I have a harder time here: breeding African cichlids and my wife Karin: trading, communication with customers, setting up aquariums, foreign trade, representing brands Back to Nature, O.S.I., Cichlidpress and others … Brands that are deeply connected with this hobby.

I can’t help but mention it yet. We try to maintain the highest possible quality of farmed fish by coming directly from the wild, the label has WF. This then has the “consequence” that the quality of the young fish is also high. We use the highest quality feeds for breeding and rearing, which is reflected in the vitality and beauty of our fish. Our Slovak customers are satisfied with our work, but also customers from Poland, Germany, Austria, USA, UK, China, Serbia, Croatia, Bohemia and Moravia, Hungary and other EU countries.

I am the happiest person, a hobby has become my job. I successfully avoided honest work 🙂 I breed fish with the same love, but I added something extra, namely professionalism. Today I can devote myself fully to the breeding of African cichlids and the quality of the fish we breed corresponds to that.

I want to thank my parents for teaching me to respect nature and my patient wife Karin and my children Filipka and Barca.

Imrich Fuljer on 28 March 2010 / 3.48 am. ”

We try to transfer our feeling for nature to our children as well, this is their 30 liter work: