EHEIM Produkty

If you are interested in purchasing EHEIM information can be found at AKVARIUMONLINE.SK

EHEIM is one of the pioneers in the field of modern aquarium technology and its importance has been one of the absolute world leaders for decades. In the area of optimal EXTERNAL AND INTERNAL FILTERS , technical equipment and a wide selection of accessories together with the acquired brands akvárií MP  and thermostats Jäger  is at the forefront of innovation development and still sets its direction. The technology of the German company EHEIM makes it possible to create a perfect natural environment and is therefore also used to transform garden ponds into highly functional and reliably functioning habitats.



It is for these reasons that the highest priority is to ensure adequate above-average production quality, even in accordance with the German industry standard ISO 9001. The company’s top management, with the help of highly qualified research, development and production teams and sales staff, is able to further strengthen its position on market of constantly innovating products of the highest quality with a leading technical position. Only in this way can we guarantee that today’s creative concepts will ensure tomorrow’s success.


Millions of aquarium owners are directly fascinated by the mysterious aquatic world. Fantastic scenery and a variety of colorful creatures with a range of all rainbow colors, create a cross-section of living nature – a harmonious view, which is always a profound experience.
Perfectly modified aquarium sets attract attention in every interior. Design, technology and elegance emphasize the pursuit of the highest quality. For these reasons, EHEIM aquariums are among the original pieces of furniture that give all rooms their typical character. They are stylish, attractive and at the same time fully functional.


All EHEIM electrical products are tested and certified by independent institutions. EHEIM products
they are subject to strict security controls from the entry of the material, through production to the final distribution of the product. All manufacturing processes are documented by safety consultants, with 100% output control closing the product’s production cycle before the product enters the store. For this reason, great emphasis is also placed on the safety instructions in the operating instructions for the product. EHEIM products must regularly undergo a selection of rigorous and independent tests to meet the safety requirements of the economic areas of Europe, the USA and Japan:


  1. CE – all devices comply with European directives
  2. VDE GS –safety is tested by the German Association of Electrical Engineers
  3. TÜV GS – Safety tested by the Technical Association of Control
  4. UL, CSA – tested to American and Canadian standards
  5. JET Number – tested to Japanese safety standards
  6. DIN 32622 – tested according to safety and technical requirements for the production of aquariums.


With these certificates, EHEIM guarantees consumer safety, while EHEIM maintains the level of quality also on the basis of the obtained DIN EN IS0 9001 certificate.