EHEIM filtre

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All EHEIM filters are carefully designed, constructed and manufactured, with each model equipped with accessories. Some products are manufactured by the EHEIM High Performance Ceramics System. This system ensures that the axles and housings of the ecco, professional, professional II, professional III filters are made of highly durable ceramic, which guarantees extremely quiet operation of the device, higher load and extremely long product life. EHEIM products have a long service life and high reliability, but EHEIM still takes care of servicing and securing spare parts. Should you accidentally need spare parts, you are guaranteed to obtain them from your EHEIM distributor.

Did you know that …
EHEIM external filters work with ease and without problems for at least 85,000 hours. If we compare it with the operation of a car, it is more than 6 million hours driven at an average speed of 75 km / h. This means that each EHEIM outdoor filter model will pump and filter 34 to 125 million gallons of water over its lifetime, equivalent to about 50 Olympic pools, or a rare huge wave created by a storm in Hawaii and eagerly awaited by surfers.