O.S.I. feed

Feed O.S.I. they are made so that all fish, ie in all layers of water, have access to them, something floats, something falls to the bottom. They also do not inflate, ie. they can feed straight.

Many of the feeds contain garlic, which helps eliminate parasites and worms in the digestive organs of fish.

Many types of feed contain high levels of natural carotene pigments, which enhance the red, orange and yellow colors of fish.

The feeds also contain spirulina – it stimulates the immune system of fish. O.S.I. Spirulina is definitely the best spirulina on the market!

See reviews of individual feeds by Robert Toman, allias “canart” / expert in toxicology and nutrition, also a passionate breeder of TROPHEUS / on his website: http://www.cichlidworld.eu/osi/osi.htm