Advantages of O.S.I.

The world leader in aquarium fish feed
O.S.I. feeds are used by satisfied breeders and globally awarded by hobbyists to highlight the beauty and condition of farmed fish. O.S.I. it still uses the same high standard for the production of your feed. No other feed can match O.S.I. product by their quality and freshness. We guarantee customer satisfaction.



Greater nutritional value
O.S.I. is the highest quality flake and granular feed combined with exceptionally nutritious elements. O.S.I. feeds contain special ingredients for greater nutritional value, achieving natural colors, taste attractiveness and vitamins / including vitamin C /. Because O.S.I. uses the latest biotechnological knowledge in production, our feeds have greater nutritional value and are naturally accepted by fish. O.S.I. uses only the highest quality ingredients. For example, O.S.I. protein. Proteins are simply the most important component of fish feed. O.S.I. uses high quality seafood ingredients as a substitute for dietary protein. Other brands often replace it with cereals or potatoes, as a result of which irreplaceable amino acids may be missing in the feed.



Easy to digest
All O.S.I. the ingredients are finely processed and uniquely enzyme stable. This means that the digestive process of fish is faster and completely supplies the fish with all the nutrients.



O.S.I. flakes and granules contain a complete vitamin mix, including vitamin C. This is fully preserved thanks to a unique method of production. Most O.S.I. The product also contains spirulina, which is important for the adaptability of fish and enhances their natural coloration.



Growth and appearance
O.S.I. feeds have a balanced ratio of amino acids, fats, vitamins and minerals. Numerous laboratory tests have confirmed the quality of O.S.I. feed in relation to the natural growth and appearance of the fish.



Vivid colors
O.S.I. uses a wide variety of natural substances and dyes to achieve the natural coloration of tropical fish. Hormones that can harm fish and change behavior are never used.



Tempting feeding
O.S.I. flakes and granules are created with a special aroma and taste attractive to fish that encourages them to feed. This is important when feeding newly documented, sick or otherwise problematic fish.



Multi-Level Floation
O.S.I. flakes and granules are specially designed for fish that receive food on the surface, floating in water or collecting on the bottom. The flakes are designed to fall slowly, while the O.S.I. Ocean Stars (Cichlid, Spirulina and Goldfish Pellets) regularly distribute across the entire width of the water column when fed. O.S.I. Marine Pellets gradually sink to the bottom.



Supported by research and development
O.S.I. the research is conducted under the direction of specialists in the biology and nutrition of aquatic animals. O.S.I. tests its products in laboratories in Utah, California and the Philippines. Researchers meet at professional symposia and regularly disseminate knowledge to traders and customers at information seminars.