Flaked fodder

Brine Shrimp Flake


O.S.I. Brine Shrimp Flakes contain a high proportion of proteins from Brine Shrimp artemia and also from animal sources. These flakes are an ideal food for carnivorous fish (cichlids and sea fish especially like it).


Spirulina Flakes


Flakes of O.S.I. Spirulina are not only an excellent helper to improve color, but algae spirulina also stimulates the immune system of your fish and protects them from gram-negative bacteria. Gram-negative bacteria are the cause of many fish diseases. The use of these flakes results in healthier and more active fish.

Cichlid Flakes Basic


In the natural environment, cichlids feed more on animal food than on plant food. It is precisely because of their predatory nature that they are very active.
O.S.I. CICHLID FLAKES contain high amounts of animal proteins to satisfy the strong carnivorous eating habits of most cichlids from Africa, South and Central America.


Freshwater Flake Basic


A wide range of fish are usually kept together in freshwater tanks. A wide range of vitamins and nutrients are needed to meet the needs of all the fish in the tank.

Angelfish Flake


For freshwater Angelfish fish. O.S.I. Aquarium food in the form of flakes is a special formula that contains all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals that your fish need for their health and viability.


VividColor Flakes Supplemental


O.S.I VividColor Flakes contain the highest concentration and variety of natural, color-improving pigments that ensure beautiful and natural coloring of your fish. These flakes guarantee a natural and safe, beautiful color, because they do not contain any hormones that could unnaturally color your fish or affect their behavior.

Goldfish Flakes Basic



“Goldfish” are less active than any other species of fish. They have a stomachless digestive system. Therefore O.S.I. developed Goldfish Flakes with lower protein and fat content and higher plant fiber content, which ensures lower fish weight and a healthy digestive tract.


Marine Flakes Basic

Marine (often referred to as saltwater) fish are the most sensitive species to farm. They require a variety of unsaturated fatty acids (a component of fats) and amino acids (made up of their proteins) from both plant and animal components. O.S.I. MARINE FLAKES have a special composition to meet the need to contain both types of ingredients.

Freshwater Ultra Flake


O.S.I Freshwater Ultra Flakes Food is a mixture of Freshwater Flake, Vivid Color and Spirulina to maximize the color potential and healthy life of fish.


Goldfish Ultra Flake


O.S.I. Goldfish Ultra Flake is a combination of O.S.I. GoldfishFlakes, high-color Vivid Color flakes and spirulina to maximize the color potential and healthy life of fish.