Our litters Cichlid-Fuljer

You can pick up the fish in person at our facility. Alternatively, we can deliver them to these places and in the vicinity of the D1 south motorway (Bytča, Považská Bystrica, Puchov, Ilava, Dubnica nad Váhom, Nová Dubnica, Trenčianske Teplice, Trenčín, Nové Mesto nad Váhom, Piešťany, Hlohovec, Trnava, Sereď, Pezinok , Senec, Bratislava, Vienna), D1 north (Žilina, Vrútky, Martin, Ružomberok, Liptovský Mikuláš, Liptovský Hrádok, Poprad, Spišská Nová Ves, Prešov, Košice)
The fish will be professionally packed in an original transport bag, oxygenated, in a thermobox, in a cardboard package measuring 60 x 40 x 36 cm. Sleeper, oxygen and the Aqua Pack heating bag are used for transport. Our goal is for the fish to reach you alive and well.
The price of transport is 15 €, polystyrene thermobox 10 € (not a necessity), heating bag Aqua Pack 1.5 € (only in winter).
The quantities, sizes and species of fish on offer are constantly changing. It is not in our power to update the data regularly.
If you need advice on choosing fish, feed, or breeding, please visit our website www.cichlid.sk, or call +421 948 886692, or write to mail: imrich@cichlid.sk
UPDATE of our fish offer took place on May 27, 2020     
genus speciesgenerationlengthpcs
TANGANIKA cichlids
Altolamprologus PHOTO/videocalvus Congo "Black calvus" wildf1small100
calvus Congo "Black calvus" wildf14-50
PHOTO/videocalvus Congo Moba "Black Pectoral" wildf1small100
PHOTOcalvus Congo M'toto "Black Pectoral" wildf1small100
PHOTOcalvus Chaitika "White calvus" rare wildf13-450
PHOTOcalvus Chaitika "White calvus" rare wildf14-50
PHOTOcalvus Nkamba bay "Yellow calvus" rare wildf13-4200
PHOTOcalvus Nkamba bay "Yellow calvus" rare wildf14-5200
calvus Nkamba bay "Yellow calvus" rare wildf15-650
PHOTO/videocompressiceps Kantalamba "Gold head" wildf13-450
compressiceps Kantalamba "Gold head" wildf14-5100
compressiceps Kantalamba "Gold head" wildf15,5-750
PHOTO/videocompressiceps Karago "Yellow" wildF13-40
PHOTO/videocompressiceps Muzi "Gold head" wildf1small50
compressiceps Muzi "Gold head" wildf14-5100
compressiceps Muzi "Gold head" wildf15,5-750
PHOTO/videocompressiceps Kiku "Black Widow" rare wildf1small0
compressiceps Kiku "Black Widow" rare wildf14-5100
compressiceps Kiku "Black Widow" rare wildf15,5-7200
PHOTOcompressiceps Kilima "Mandarin" VERY RARE f1f22,5-350
PHOTO/videocompressiceps Titcha "Mandarin" VERY RARE WILDf12,5-350
PHOTOsp. Sumbu shell2,5-3300
sp. Sumbu shell3-4200
CallochromisPHOTOmacrops Ndole "red"430
macrops Ndole "red"5-720
PHOTO/videomacrops Kasanga "red eye" wild3,5-4,520
Chalinochromis PHOTO/videocyanophleps Kipili Very rare wildf14-50
PHOTO/videosp. 'Bifrenatus'450
sp. 'Bifrenatus'5-60
PHOTOsp. 'ndobhoi' Bulu point wildf14-550
sp. 'ndobhoi' Bulu point wildf15-60
Cyanthopharynxfoai Mikongolo Island Very rare wildf14-530
CyphotilapiaPHOTO/videogibberosa Lupota wildf13-40
PHOTO/videogibberosa Tembwe wildf13-40
Cyprichromis leptosoma "Utinta fluorescent" wildf14-5
PHOTO/videomicrolepidotus Kasai4-5,530
microlepidotus Kasai6-80
PHOTO/videomicrolepidotus Kiriza "Black"4-5,50
microlepidotus Kiriza "Black"5,5-70
PHOTOsp. 'leptosoma kitumba' Kitumba wildf14-530
sp. 'leptosoma kitumba' Kitumba wildf15,5-70
sp. 'leptosoma kitumba' Kitumba wildf17-100
PHOTOsp. 'leptosoma jumbo' Speckleback Moba4-510
sp. 'leptosoma jumbo' Speckleback Moba5,5-70
sp. 'leptosoma jumbo' Kekese "Yellow head"4-530
PHOTO/videosp. 'leptosoma jumbo' Kekese "Yellow head"5,5-70
zonatus Mvuna Island wild
EnantiopusPHOTO/videomelanogenys Namansi wildf1550
melanogenys Namansi wildf15,5-730
melanogenys Namansi wildf17-930
GnatochromisPHOTOpermaxilaris Kasanga wildf14-50
HaplotaxodonPHOTOmicrolepis Kigoma wildwf253♂
Julidochromis PHOTO/videomarlieri Burundi wildf13,5-4,50
marlieri Burundi wildf15-6,50
PHOTO/videoregani Chisansef2small30
regani Chisansef25-60
PHOTO/videoregani Nsumbu Zambia "Gold" wildf13,5-4,50
PHOTO/videomarksmithi Kipili3,5-4,5100
marksmithi Kipili5-6200
marksmithi Kipili6-8100
PHOTO/videosp. 'kombe' Zambia (transcriptus Gombe)sp. ‚ornatus kombe‘3,5-4,530
sp. 'kombe' Zambia (transcriptus Gombe)5-60
Lamprologus PHOTObrevis Congo wildf13-40
brevis Congo wildf14-50
PHOTO/videomultifasciatus 2-350
PHOTO/videoocellatus Bangwe wildf12-320
PHOTO/videoocellatus Isanga "Gold"f1small0
PHOTO/videoocellatus Gold2-30
PHOTOocellatus Kigoma wildf12-30
PHOTO/videosimilis Karilani wildf12-320
speciosus Moba wildf12,5-30
PHOTO/videostappersi (meleagris )2,5-320
Neolamprologus PHOTO/videobrichardi Kiriza wildf1small50
PHOTObuescheri Gombe wildf13-50
PHOTOcylindricus Isinga Island very rare wildf14-580
PHOTOfurcifer Tanzania wildf13,5-4,50
furcifer Tanzania wildf15-715
PHOTOhelianthus Kamakonde f1f23-40
helianthus Kamakonde f1f25-60
PHOTOchristyi Fulwe Rocks wildf16,5-850
christyi Fulwe Rocks wildf18-1250
PHOTO/videoleleupi Kavala "Black" very rare wildf14-5100
leleupi Kavala "Black" very rare wildf15-60
PHOTO/videoleleupi Uvira "ORANGE"4-5100
leleupi Uvira "ORANGE"5-60
leleupi Uvira "ORANGE"6-80
mustax Mbita Island wildf13,5-40
PHOTO/videopulcher Kantalamba "daffodil" wildf13,5-4,550
pulcher Kantalamba "daffodil" wildf15-650
OphtalmotilapiaPHOTO/videonasuta Kipili "Gold" wildf14-50
PHOTO/videoboops Nkondwe Island wildf14-510
boops Nkondwe Island wildf15-60
Paracyprichromis PHOTO/videobrieni Nkondwe Island wild raref14-50
brieni Nkondwe Island wild raref15-70
PHOTO/videonigripinnis Chituta bay "Blue Neon" wildf1small0
nigripinnis Chituta bay "Blue Neon" wildf15-70
Tropheus PHOTO/videodubois Maswa wildf1330
dubois Maswa wildf14-5,50
PHOTO/videomoorii Ilangi Yellow wild, f1f1+f23-40
PHOTOmoorii Kambwimba wildf13-45
PHOTO/videomoorii Kasanga "Red Rainbow" wildf13-430
moorii Kasanga "Red Rainbow" wildf14-530
PHOTOsp. 'black' Kiriza wildf13-430
sp. 'black' Kiriza wildf14-50
PHOTOsp. 'black' Pemba Bemba3-430
sp. 'black' Pemba Bemba4-50
sp. 'black' Pemba Bemba5,5-70
PHOTO/videosp. 'ikola' wildf13-420
XenotilapiaPHOTOnigrolabiata Red Princess Very Raref23,5-40
PHOTOsingularis Kalya wild VERY RAREf13,5-420
singularis Kalya wild VERY RAREf15-710
MALAWI cichlids
Aulonocara PHOTO/videobaenschi Benga4-580
baenschi Benga5,5-70
baenschi Benga7-100
PHOTOfire fish "Coral red"4-530
fire fish "Coral red"5,5-70
PHOTO/videofire fish "Ice Blue"4-550
fire fish "Ice Blue"5,5-720
PHOTOjacobfreibergi Cape Maclear 4-530
jacobfreibergi Cape Maclear5,5-70
PHOTOjacobfreibergi "Eureka"small50
jacobfreibergi "Eureka"5-70
PHOTO/videojacobfreibergi Mamelela wildf13100
jacobfreibergi Mamelela wildf15,5-750
jacobfreibergi Mamelela wildf17-1020
PHOTOmaylandi Kandeense Nkhata Bay wildf14-550
maylandi Kandeense Nkhata Bay wildf15,5-70
maylandi Kandeense Nkhata Bay wildf17-100
PHOTO/videomaylandi Maylandi410
maylandi Maylandi 5,5-70
PHOTO/videostuartgranti Chilumba wildf14-550
stuartgranti Chilumba wildf15,5-70
stuartgranti Chilumba wildf17-100
PHOTO/videostuartgranti Maulana wildf14-5200
stuartgranti Maulana wildf15,5-750
PHOTO/videostuartgranti Usisya wildf14-580
stuartgranti Usisya wildf15,5-70
PHOTOsp. 'lwanda' Hai Reef wild raref14-550
sp. 'lwanda' Hai Reef wild raref15,5-70
sp. 'lwanda' Hai Reef wildf17-100
PHOTO/videosp. Red rubin 4-5200
sp. Red rubin5,5-720
sp. Red rubin7-100
Copadichromis PHOTO/videoazureusf24-5100
PHOTO/videogeertsi Gomef23-420
geertsi Gomef25,5-70
PHOTO/videocyaneus Zimbawe rock4-550
cyaneus Zimbawe rock5,5-730
parvus Nkhungu point wildf14-50
PHOTO/videosp. 'fire-crest mloto' Raresmall0
sp. 'fire-crest mloto' Rare5,5-70
PHOTO/videosp. Ivory4-530
sp. Ivory5,5-70
CynotilapiaPHOTO/videoaurifrons Mphanga Rocks wild,f1f1-f23,5-450
aurifrons Mphanga Rocks wild,f1 f1-f24,5-6100
aurifrons Mphanga Rocks wild,f1f1-f26-9100
PHOTOzebroides Cobwe3,5-430
zebroides Cobwe4,5-60
PHOTO/videozebroides Chewere wildf13,5-450
zebroides Chewere wildf15-630
zebroides Chewere wildf16-730
PHOTO/videozebroides Jalo Reef wild,f1f1-f23,5-430
zebroides Jalo Reef wild,f1f1-f25-60
zebroides Kakusa "White top" wild NEWf13,5-40
PHOTO/videozebroides Likoma Island "Red Top" wildf1small0
zebroides Likoma Island "Red Top" wildf15,5-70
zebroides Likoma Island "Red Top" wildf17-100
PHOTO/videozebroides Minos Reef wildf13,5-450
PHOTO/videozebroides Minos Reef wildf15-60
PHOTO/videosp. 'hara' Gallireya Reef3,5-4,5100
sp. 'hara' Gallireya Reef5-650
sp. Ndonga Deep3,5-4,550
sp. Ndonga Deep5-60
Cyrtocara PHOTOmoorii Chilumbaf24-550
moorii Chilumbaf26-70
moorii Chilumbaf27-100
ChindongoPHOTOdemasoni Pombo Rocks3-4100
demasoni Pombo Rocks4,5-60
PHOTOflavus Chyniankwazi4-530
flavus Chyniankwazi5,5-70
PHOTO/videosaulosi "Coral red"3,5-450
saulosi "Coral red"4-5,50
PHOTO/videosocolofi Thumbi Point4-5100
socolofi Thumbi Point5-6100
socolofi Thumbi Point6-850
Iodotropheussprengerae "Red"3,5-4100
sprengerae "Red"4,5-630
Labeotropheus PHOTO/videotrewavasae Chidunga Rocks "Red Top" MC fem wildf14-550
trewavasae Chidunga Rocks "Red Top" MC fem wildf15,5-730
PHOTO/videotrewavasae "Marmelade cat"4-550
trewavasae "Marmelade cat"5-6100
Labidochromis PHOTO/videocaeruleus Nkhomo Reef wild+f1f1+f2small0
caeruleus Nkhomo Reef wild+f1f1+f24,5-60
PHOTO/videohongi "Sweden"3,5-450
hongi "Sweden"4-50
hongi "Sweden"5-60
PHOTOchizumulae Chizumulu f1f2small30
chizumulae Chizumulu f1f24-5,50
PHOTO/videosp. 'blue white' Tansania rare3-45
sp. 'blue white' Tansania rare4,5-60
PHOTOsp. 'perlmutt' Higga Reef350
sp. 'perlmutt' Higga Reef4,5-60
PHOTO/videosp. 'Yellow'3,5-450
sp. 'Yellow'4-5,50
sp. Yellow Lion's cove wild raref13-420
LethrinopsPHOTO/videoalbus Kande Islandf24-550
albus Kande Islandf25,5-730
albus Kande Islandf27-1020
PHOTO/videosp. 'gold' Harbour Island (Monkey Bay)4-5200
sp. 'gold' Harbour Island (Monkey Bay)5,5-750
PHOTO/videosp. 'Mbasi'4-50
sp. 'Mbasi'5,5-70
PHOTO/videosp. 'red cap' Itungi4-50
Melanochromis PHOTO/videoauratus Chidunga Rocks wildf13,5-430
auratus Chidunga Rocks wildf14-5,50
MetriaclimaPHOTO/videoaurora Malawi wildf14-550
aurora Malawi wildf15-730
aurora Malawi wildf17-950
PHOTO/videocallainos ( zebra pearl ) Kirondo wildf13,5-450
callainos ( zebra pearl ) Kirondo wildf14,5-60
PHOTO/videocallainos ( zebra pearl ) Lupingu wildf13,5-420
emmiltos Mphanga Rocks wildf14-50
emmiltos Mphanga Rocks wildf15,5-720
emmiltos Mphanga Rocks wildf17-1010
PHOTO/videofainzilberi Ikombe rare4-520
fainzilberi Ikombe rare5,5-70
fainzilberi Ikombe rare7-90
PHOTO/videofainzilberi Ikombe OB very rare3-420
fainzilberi Ikombe OB very rare5,5-70
PHOTO/videofainzilberi Maison Reeff23-4100
fainzilberi Maison Reeff24-550
fainzilberi Maison Reeff25,5-70
PHOTO/videolombardoi Mbenji Island wildf13,5-420
lombardoi Mbenji Island wildf14-5,50
PHOTO/videonigrodorsalis Nkhungu wild very raref13,530
PHOTO/videosp. 'dolphin' Thumbi Point Rare wild+f1f1+f24-50
sp. 'dolphin' Thumbi Point Rare wild+f1f1+f24-50
PHOTO/videosp. 'elongatus goldbar' Chizumulu Islandf23,5-4,520
sp. 'elongatus goldbar' Chizumulu Islandf25-70
PHOTO/videosp. 'elongatus chailosi' Chitande Island wildf13,530
sp. 'elongatus chailosi' Chitande Island wildf15-70
PHOTO/videosp. 'elongatus chewere' Chewere wildf13,5-4,5150
sp. 'elongatus chewere' Chewere wildf15-6100
sp. 'elongatus chewere' Chewere wildf16-850
sp. 'elongatus chewere' Chewere wildf18-1030
PHOTO/videosp. 'msobo' Magunga wildf1330100
sp. 'msobo' Magunga wildf14-50
PHOTO/videosp. 'red top gallireya' Gallireya Reef wildf14-530
sp. 'red top gallireya' Gallireya Reef wildf15-6,50
sp. 'red top gallireya' Gallireya Reef wildf17-1020
sp. 'zebra gold' OB Kawangaf23-420
sp. 'zebra gold' OB Kawangaf24-60
sp. 'zebra gold' Lions Cove OB femalef23,5-520
PHOTO/videozebra Chizumulu Chiwi Rocks OB f. Rare wildf13,5-4,530
zebra Chizumulu Chiwi Rocks OB f. Rare wildf14,5-620
Otopharynx PHOTO/videolithobathes black "orange dorsal"small0
lithobathes black "orange dorsal"4-5,50
PHOTO/videolithobates l. Zimbawe Rock "Sulphur head"4-5150
lithobates l. Zimbawe Rock "Sulphur head"5-650
lithobates l. Zimbawe Rock "Sulphur head"6-80
PetrotilapiaPHOTO/videomicrogalana wildf16-830
PlacidochromisPHOTO/videophenochilus Mdoka "White Lips"4-5100
phenochilus Mdoka "White Lips"5-620
phenochilus Mdoka "White Lips"6-80
phenochilus Mdoka "White Lips"8-100
PHOTO/videosp. 'phenochilus tanzania' Lupingu4-5200
sp. 'phenochilus tanzania' Lupingu5-6100
sp. 'phenochilus tanzania' Lupingu6-850
sp. 'phenochilus tanzania' Lupingu wildf13-450
sp. 'phenochilus tanzania' Lupingu wildf15-60
ProtomelasPHOTO/videosp. ‘steveni taiwan’ Taiwanee Reeff24-540
sp. ‘steveni taiwan’ Taiwanee Reeff25,5-70
sp. 'johnstoni solo'small30
sp. 'johnstoni solo'5-60
PHOTO/videosp. 'spilonotus tanzania' "Yellow"4-550
sp. 'spilonotus tanzania' "Yellow"5,5-780
sp. 'spilonotus tanzania' "Yellow"7-1030
PHOTO/videotaeniolatus taeniolatus Lupingu4-550
PHOTOtaeniolatus taeniolatus Namalenje Island4-50
taeniolatus taeniolatus Namalenje Island5,5-740
Pseudotropheus PHOTO/videocyaneorhabdos Maingano Island4-530
cyaneorhabdos Maingano Island5-60
PHOTO/videointerruptus Chizumulu Island4-550
interruptus Chizumulu Island5-6,50
interruptus Chizumulu Island6,5-850♂
PHOTO/videojohannii Metangula wild3,5-4,550
PHOTO/videojohannii "Red"3,5-4,520
johannii "Red"5-60
PHOTO/videoperileucos Likoma new wild3,5-420
perileucos Likoma new wild4-50
PHOTO/videoperspicax Ndumbi "red top"4-520
perspicax Ndumbi red top4,5-60
PHOTO/videopolit Lion's cove wildsmall0
polit Lion's cove wild4,5-60
PHOTO/videosp. 'acei' Itungi4-50
sp. 'acei' Itungi5-6100
sp. 'acei' Itungi6-850
PHOTO/videosp. 'acei' Luwala wildf13,5-4,5100
sp. 'acei' Luwala wildf15-70
PHOTO/videosp. 'elongatus masimbwe' Masimbwe Is. wildf14-530
sp. 'elongatus masimbwe' Masimbwe Is. wildf15-60
PHOTO/videobenotos Kirondo wildf13,5-450
benotos Kirondo wildf14-550
benotos Kirondo wildf15,5-750
PHOTO/videosp. 'williamsi north' "Blue Lips"4-550
sp. 'williamsi north' "Blue Lips"5-6100
sp. 'williamsi north' "Blue Lips"6-70
sp. 'williamsi north' "Blue Lips"7-950
Taeniolethrinopsfurcicauda Chiofu Liwani f1f24-50
TropheopsPHOTO/videosp. 'aurora' Mbamba Bay wildf14-530
sp. 'aurora' Mbamba Bay wildf15-720
sp. 'aurora' Mbamba Bay wildf17-90
PHOTO/videosp. 'lumbira' wildf13,5-4100
sp. 'lumbira' wildf14,5-6100
sp. 'lumbira' wildf16-850
sp. 'red fin' Usisya3-40
TyranochromisPHOTO/videonigriventer South wildf14-50
nigriventer South wildf15,5-70
wild - chované ryby pochádzajú z prírody.
F1 - prvá generácia po rodičoch z prírody.